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Waste tires are considered one of the most problematic types of trash found in landfills. Waste tires become an environmental and health hazard as they collect water and debris, making them a breeding ground for insects, particularly disease-carrying mosquitoes.

Urban Corps tire recycling services:
• Permitted waste tire hauling
• Public land clean ups
• Tire amnesty events
• Subsidized labor for installation of tire-derived products
• Waste tire recycling internships
• Educational presentations

• Recycling and reusing waste tires helps conserve resources and keeps our neighborhoods clean!
• Whole tires have been banned from landfills, so alternative methods of disposal are needed.

Get the facts:
• Californians generate 40 million waste tires each year.
• Recycling just four of those tires can save the energy equivalent to 18 gallons of gasoline and reduce greenhouse emissions.
• Your waste tires can be turned into a multitude of products, saving resources.

Waste tires can be used for:
• Fuel
• Shredding For Road-Building
• Retreaded And Reused
• Rubber Mulch
• Rubberized Sidewalks
• Handbags
• Playground Surfacing
• Civil-Engineering Products


TPID: 1800024-01

With help from CalRecycle and San Diego Gas & Electric, Urban Corps is addressing the long-standing problem of waste tires and large item debris in the Tijuana River Valley. Corpsmembers recently removed 1621 waste tires and approximately 15,280 lbs. of litter and debris posing an environmental health hazard in the region.

Tires in the Tijuana River Valley are a bi-national problem. California exports an estimated two million tires annually to Baja California, but a large portion of them are illegally dumped near the watershed and return to the state after rain events.


“Just wanted to drop you a note on what a great job everyone did out at the Tijuana River Valley. Staff here was impressed that we managed to retrieve over 1,700 tires in just three days. The credit goes to the Corpsmembers….and to their supervisor Rick. Rick has great control over his crew and motivates them firmly and fairly….His leadership is greatly appreciated. Also please extend my thanks to the other Corps who brought with them some stellar workers.”


Eric Wolff 
County of San Diego - Public Works | Solid Waste Planning and Recycling 

Contact the Urban Corps Recycling Dept. at (619) 235-6884 or recycling@urbancorps.org

For more information about where to recycle tires, please visit: http://www.calrecycle.ca.gov/

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