Thanks for all the support from everybody. Also for getting hired and going back to being someone better. Working is helping me out from not starving on the streets and also not sleeping on em I'm renting a living room in which I thank God I have a roof over my head. I'm eager to graduate and be a better person for me and my son. Thanks for the support.


José began at Urban Corps in 2003.  He had ZERO h.s. credits when he started with us and spoke limited English.  He stood out from his peers and was so eager to learn and advance.  I had really never seen a student as dedicated and driven.  He worked diligently on his English and reading comprehension skills.  He wanted to take the GED to expedite his graduation as he was so credit deficient and the standard route to graduation without the GED would have taken an additional year and a half.  I told him English acquisition and mastery along with reading comprehension were paramount for him to pass the GED.  We worked on GED practice tests for months. He took and passed the GED in his first attempt and graduated in 2005.    José not only excelled in the classroom, he was a hard worker and leader out in the field as well.   The entire time he was at Urban Corps he had to cross the border to get to work/school.  Despite that challenge, he won an award for 18 months of perfect attendance.    At the time of graduation he had been working as an Urban Corps intern at the U.S. Grant Hotel and used his experience to get hired by the Hilton Hotel in the Gaslamp District.  He worked full-time and took classes at ITT Tech.  During the beginning of his college career he managed to get an apartment in La Mesa and no longer had to have the daily grind of crossing the border in his already full schedule.  I share all this to emphasize what a remarkable CM success story this really is and to remind us all that hard work and determination (GRIT) goes a long way.

Dan Thomas

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Your whole team, from management to supervisors, including corps members provide an outstanding &  valuable service to all the communities that provide sponsorship to U/C , especially for the citizens of Carlsbad. I think this is the best group of supervisors that I've had in my 12 year relationship with your organization, you can give them multiple tasks and there done 100% every time with minimal supervision.  I wish I could say that about all my contractors.

Clayton Dobbs

Utilities Supervisor Public Work Department City of Carlsbad

Urban Corp is finishing up a very well done job on the graffiti removal. I would like to commend the crew on their efforts. Also, Aztec Landscape is on site weeding and blowing the area to give it a clean and fresh look so the residents can enjoy their park once again.Thank you, everyone, who has worked to get this done.


Joe Storniolo

Grounds Maintenance Manager

I just wanted to say thank you to Urban Corps and let you know how great of a job the crew did!  This has been the best run Summer Solstice we’ve had so far, and we owe a lot to Urban Corps with helping to facilitate the vendor load-in.  The crew was very attentive, hospitable and went above and beyond.  During the event, the litter was attended to promptly, and post-event clean-up was a breeze for us, thanks to Urban Corps.  One of the vendors, Golden Coast Mead, came up to me after the event and wanted to let me know how great of a job and how helpful Urban Corps was.  We would love to have you guys help us out again at next year’s event.


Ashleigh Hinrichs

Program Director

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